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At Michael Vassili Barristers & Solicitors we have a great team of highly motivated and experienced lawyers who actually enjoy what they do. They are passionate about the practice of law and in achieving solutions and justice for client.  Most of our team have been mentored through the practice and have stayed on for many years. Their passion is working with and for people - fighting hard for outcomes and the best possible result. All matters are conducted by our team (not just one lawyer) under the experienced eye of Michael Vasili which is what sets us apart from the pack.....

(Speaking Hindi, Punjabi, Tamil,  Singlanese, Turkish, Arabic, Urdu, German, Greek, Maltese & Other languages..)

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Michael Vassili


Accredited Specialist

Admitted to Practice in:

The High Court

Supreme Court 

We have regular matter meetings and we conduct matters as a Team. We love nothing more than combining our efforts to get the best results we can. We love to win.

Michael Vassili Barristers and Solcitors family lawyer criminal lawyer civil lawyer

Michael Vassili is an Accredited Specialist with over thirty years experience. He  heads up the Team of Litigation Lawyers at the Firm.

Michael has appeared as Trial Advocate in complex litigation throughout Australia including the High Court of Australia and the Supreme Courts throughout Australia. Michael often appears for clients instructed by one of our Lawyers at final hearings in clients matters and obtains excellent outcomes. 

He conducts regular matter and team meetings to ensure that each clients matter obtains its very best outcome together with the great team of lawyers (below) who have an exceptional attitude and commitment to the practice of law and the support of clients.

Michael has a strong commitment to Social Justice and has been a pre-selected candidate in Federal and State elections in Western and North West Sydney. 

He has been nominated for the NSW Justice Medal on two occasions, co-founded a local Community Legal Centre and voluntarily conducted its practice as Principal Lawyer, and provides Young Achiever Awards with the Blacktown Ponds Lions Club to recognise young people in the local area who have suffered disadvantage but have made a positive difference to others. This commitment to Social Justice is shared by our whole Legal Team.

Jaya Punjabi
Family Law & Litigation
Preet Ahluwalia
Senior Associate
Practice Management

Preet conducts our Conveyancing as well as the Principal Practice Manager. Clients "sing her praises". For the biggest transaction you will likely ever have in your life, Preet will take you through the process and make buying or selling your home or buisness a "cruise". In her role in litigation support and Practice Management Preet is exceptionally efficient and often will be a point of contact in your matter. Contact Preet at

Jaya is a very dedicated and successful Litigation Lawyer within the practice. Jaya's advocacy and sharp eye for detail in matters is what brings success. Jaya has obtained excellent outcomes for clients.

Jaya practices across Family Law, Crime and Civil Law and conducts hearings at the practice in these areas.

Emilia Perri
Senior Associate
Family Law
Shelley Chen 
Civil / Commercial 

Emilia is an outstanding lawyer. Emilia is Senior Associate of our Family Law Team. Emilias has tenacity and is a fierce opponent. Emilia obtains excellent outcomes for clients.


Clients are often very grateful for Emilias constant communication and support for them throughout their matter making the journey much easier than it might otherwise have been.

Shelley is an Associate to The Principal and  Litigation Lawyer within the practice. When it comes to litigation Shelley provides very effective advocacy as well as thorough case preparation. Shelley and legal research is outstanding which is evident from her unmatched positive results including some spectacular hearing success against seasoned Counsel in matters including those on appeal. 


Shelley brings a dynamic and successful approach to the Practice.

Shelley's pragmatic approach is complimented by her outstanding research skills. She is well regarded by our clients and colleagues.

Daniel Lambley
Litigation Associate
Family Provisions
Civil Litigation


Daniel is a highly capable lawyer who appears regularly in the Supreme Court and other courts and tribunals. He is a tenacious and thorough lawyer who not only gets great results for clients but is in constant contact with them to ensure that they are supported through the process.


Daniel has an excellent strike rate with defended hearings in criminal matters and also appears regularly in the Family Provisions List of the Supreme Court in Disputed Wills matters as well as other civil litigation.

Avanti Joshi
Family Law 
Litigation and 
Practice Management

Avanti is an extremely capable lawyer who conducts litigation  with great outcomes within the practice. Her very thorough case preparaiion and legal research is a great asset to clients and the practice. Avanti achieves excellent outcome for clients. 

Clients universally are very pleased with Avantis carriage of their matters and comment on how she has gone that extra distance to explain matters and to provide constant support. 

Danny Mehail 
Solicitor - Litigation

Danny is a dynamic member of our team. We refer to him as "The child Genius" as he is the youngest member of the team but incredibly capable, intelligent and outcome focused. Danny is an Associate in our Family Law and general Litigation areas and is disarmingly aggressive in obtaining outcomes for clients and the practice. Danny also assists Shelley Chen as part of the Practice Management Team. 


While we conduct most matters in house through our experienced trial advocates in our practice, there are times when a client will request an external Counsel be engaged on their matter. On those occasions we have established a great rapport with a select group of Barristers ranging in experience across various legal areas. We can obtain external advices (Second Opinions) and engage a junior barrister which can save costs on a matter right through to Senior Counsel who are eminent in their specialised field in areas ranging from Crime, Family Provisions to Family Law. 

Michael Vassili Barristers and Solcitors family lawyer criminal lawyer civil lawyer
Carlos Spangelli
/Missie McDaniels
Litigation & Information Officers

Missie and Carlos are originally from the United States. They are a valuable member of our team. Missue and Carlos are both highly competent individuals who are always ready to provide information and assistance to our clients. So if you have any questions about your matter please ask Carlos or Missie.

MicrosoftTeams-image (36).png
Malik Hameed
Family Law & Litigation
Alex Dimos
Senior Litigation Lawyer

Alex brings two decades of solid litigation experience holding Senior positions within various litigation practices and Principal of his own practice. Alex experience is evident in the outcomes he achieves for clients and he is well regarded by clients and colleagues who often seek the benefit of his reasoning and experience. 

Alex provides support and direction to Lawyers at the Practice with the benefit of his decades of successful legal practice. 

Nick Blaker
Senior Associate Crime/Civil Law

Nick extensively conducts criminal matters as well as civil matters within the practice including defended and prosecuted hearings.

Nick has an excellent command of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules and Criminal Procedure Rules and conducts extensive research to obtain the best possible results for clients in the practice. 

Nick obtains exceptional outcomes for clients.

Tatiana Ramos 
Legal Officer 

Tatiana is a rising star who is extremely focused and aggressive when it comes to outcomes.  Tatiana has a simple but effective approach - give it 100% competence and commitment and results will flow. Tatiana is an Associate to our Litigation Teams and is an outstanding asset to the Firm.

Peter Vassili
Litigation Officer
Practice Management

When he is not otherwise engaged in the performing arts (ballet)  (having done so at Australian Ballet, Queensland Ballet, and Czech Replublic) Peter provides Litigation Support to our Lawyers at the Practice. He currenly completing a Bachelor of Psychology at the University of South Australia. 

Michael Vassili Barristers and Solcitors family lawyer criminal lawyer civil lawyer
Mark Fozzard

Mark originally was a Senior Solicitor of the practice (Vassili Fozzard) and is now admitted to the NSW Bar after spending some significant time as a solicitor and senior prosecutor. Mark has experience in all litigation but particularly in Criminal Law and Environement and Planning Law. Both Michael Vassili and Mark Fozzard were enaged in a Team of Senior Prosecutors. Mark can appear as Counsel instructed by one of our instructors and can ofen provide a very cost effective but extremely effective representation when Counsel is required. Mark can be instructed through our office.

Rehker Thaker 
Practice Management

Rekhar is a qualified conveyancer who provides Practice Management and Conveyancing Support within the Practice. 

Rehka often greets clients and is a very supportive member of our team to both our staff as well as clients of the Practice. 

Malik is a very dedicated and successful Litigation Lawyer within the practice. Malik's advocacy and sharp eye for detail in matters is what brings success. Malik has over 15 years experience in litigation including prosecution and defence work and is presently a highly valued and successful member of our Family Law and General Litigation team. He is a Senior Associate.

Malik obtains excellent outcomes for clients and provides a high level of support to clients through their matters. 

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