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Statutory Authority Reviews


We can advise on and appear in Local Government and other Statutory authority Civil and Criminal enforcements. This includes unauthorised development under the Environmental Planning & Assessment Act; Local Government; and other legislation. As well as Environmental Prosecutions. There are a wide range of statutory institutions who have

Unauthorised Development



If you have had orders (or Notice that an Order will be issued) then you need to act quickly and in an educated manner. There are means to avoid civil enforcement or criminal prosecution for unauthorised development. This may include regularising the unathorised development where possible.

When approaching these matters you need to be very careful as the consequences of a Civil enforcement or criminal prosecution in the Land and Environment Court can be quite severe.

We have the expertise and experience in such matters to ensure the best possible outcome.






Regulatory Body Sanctions



We have acted in a wide range of appeals and defended matters conducted by regulatory bodies. These include sanctions against Doctors, Nurses and other Health Professionals; Suspension and Cancellation of Registration of Registered Training Organisations (RTO's) by ASQA; Cancellation of Vehicle Inspection Licences by the RMS; and a variety of other Regulatory Body actions.


In many of these cases there are rights of appeal (as at law) and in addition a right of a review of the decision makers decision on the merits of that decision.


We have been very successful in these matters and we conducted the first successful challenge to the cancellation of an RTO's registration by ASQA AAMS v ASQA (AAT)


Compulsory Aquisitions



We can advise on and, if required, conduct contested hearings in the Land and Environment Court for compulsory aquisitions.


We have acted for a number of land owners in seeking just terms in accordance with their rights at law both within the Land and Environment Court and by direct negotiation with the aquiring authority.


Most recently we were engaged in the successful review of compensation for land owners along the North West Rail Link Corrodor. This included a variety of aquisitions from a variety statutory authorities.

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