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Criminal Law


We act in all criminal law matters from getting the best possible outcomes on a guilty plea through to full defended Jury Tirals. We appear on Bail applications; Committal Hearings; Contested Hearings; Appeals; and prepare representations including "No Bill" Applications to have charges withdrawn or downgraded. Our Principal has been engaged as Senior Prosecutor as well as Defence Lawyer which is a valuable asset in conduct of Criminal Proceedings.


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Michael Vassili Barristers and Solcitors family lawyer criminal lawyer civil lawyer

Michael Vassili is an

Accredited Specialist

(Dispute Resolution) 

Guilty Pleas


We can make representations, and if need be have a hearing on facts to have matters properly put to the Court such that your penalty is the most favourable to you. This includes advising you and advocating for various sentencing outcomes including alternatives to sentencing.


If you want to plead guilty to a matter in Court come and seek our advice first as you may be pleasantly surprised at the difference a well considered application may make to the outcome.

Defended Hearings


All of our lawyers appear as Trial Advocates from the Local Court through to defended Jury matters.


We take a very pro-active approach to hearings and apply for costs where the opportunity may arise for a charge which has been brought without proper investigation. We have a great deal of success in successfully defending matters and we pride ourselves on the reputation of "ruthless" when it comes to defending the rights and innocence of our clients.





All of our lawyers appear on appeals. We pride ourselves on our success rate for appeals. However, an appeal should be carefully considered and we are pleased to provide our opinion on prospects for you.


We also provide other legal services as may be appropriate including:


  • Bail

  • Committal Hearings

  • No Bill Applications


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