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Sale and Purchase of Property



Sale and Purchase of a Business


Complex Transactions

Property and Business Conveyancing


Our Licenced Conveyancer and our Property Lawyers can assist in all conveyancing transcations including the purchase or sale of property or a business. It does not stop there, though as we can advise on a wide range of complex transactions including Options; Franchises; Off the Plan Transactions; Land Consolodations; Development Assessments; and a wide range of complex legal issues associated with a conveyance of Property or Business. We have acted for Master Franchises as well as purchasers of franchises. That's the difference between our practice and a "Conveyancer". We have experience at the litigated end of a "bad transaction" and we know the pittfalls to avoid.

Michael Vassili is an

Accredited Specialist

(Dispute Resolution) 

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