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Council Prosecutions



Board indictments include the charged breaking of nearby Council laws. Court can be an overwhelming

spot and it will be imperative to hold a legal advisor to show up for your benefit to secure your rights.


Michael Vassili Barristers & Solicitors has broad involvement in Council related matters.


Cases we have effectively protected incorporate those where a family pet has gotten away and assaulted

another creature or individual, where the committee is continuing against a business in connection to

breaks of the Food Act and where the RSPCA is indicting a man in connection to creature



In the event that you have been accused of any of the above offenses it is astute to draw in a legal counselor

with experience. It will just cost you a telephone call to make the enquiry, so call today at 1300 557 819


For particular data on each of the aforementioned themes, please tap the subject applicable to your enquiry.

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